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Alwahat for Development & Training is a non -profit organization Established in 1982 as part of the Alwaha Association for Social Development

Alwaha Association decided to develop the Training Department to become a licensed center with financial and administrative independence in 2016. At the end of 2017, Alwahat for Development and Training was established.

Alwahat for development has a good training capability through a network of 60 professional trainers and experts,

Covering many aspects of training in the youth, women, community development and entrepreneurship.

Alwahat for development seeks to develop a study department in the field of social and economic studies and human rights

15 social researchers volunteer to conduct studies

The Center launched two studies in civil society sector:

The impact of grants in Jordanian organizations performance (Done)

The reality of services provided by civil society organizations in Jordan (ongoing)


Alwahat for Development is a non-profit organization registered in the Ministry of Industry and Trade

It is concerned with empowering women and youth in all economic, social and cultural fields

It seeks to build the capacity of civil society institutions by helping these institutions to rebuild their structure, training departments and studies within the highest international standards, as a contribution to raising the capacities of these institutions and enabling them to reach their goals for which they were found.


Alwahat has a distinguished team of consultants, trainers and experts in all areas of interest and are highly qualified individuals.

• Eng. Sahem Al-Tarawneh  / General Manager
• Dr. Janah Al-Assafa     / Director of Development and Empowerment
• Mr. Ahmed Al-Ahmar      / Capacity Building Specialist for Civil Society Institutions
• Dr. Hussein Al-Tarawneh / lead expert on training, empowerment and psychological support programs
• Dr. Ali Momani          / Training Manager
• Mr. Al-Muthanna Shabib  / Training Specialist
• Mr. Ziad Suleiman       / expert and financial auditor
• Mr. Moamen Al-Tarawneh  / Media and Communications Officer
• Ms. Maha Majaly         / Volunteer Program Officer
• Ms. Shorouq Majaly      / Monitoring and Evaluation Officer